9 Ways to Actively Recruit New Affiliates or Partners

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If you’re planning to start an affiliate program or scale your current one, you need to consider how you will recruit affiliates. Without effective affiliate recruitment, you will struggle to get your program off the ground. So, here we’ll look at nine ways to actively recruit new affiliate partners. 

1. Create an Excellent Product

The first thing you need to do is ensure that you have an excellent product or service that affiliates can promote. Even if you offer an amazing commission structure, if your product is lacking, you’ll struggle to get affiliates’ interest. If you’re hiring an affiliate recruitment agency this is the first thing they will look at, so take a critical look at your product and see where you can make improvements before you start recruiting. 

2. Write Clear Program Terms

This follows on from point one, but this preparation is vital if you want to attract serious affiliates. You need to have clear program terms that detail the commission structure and payouts in an easy to understand format. 

3. Create a Program Fact Sheet

This can also be beneficial to attract serious affiliate marketers. Your info page should include the commission structure, the length of cookies, payments, conversion rates, and who gets the commission. The more transparent, the better. 

4. Invite Niche Bloggers and Influencers to Provide a Review

You may already be aware of influencers or bloggers in your niche, but don’t just pitch becoming an affiliate partner. Instead, have them test your product and invite them to give a review. You can then introduce them to the affiliate program and have them publish a comprehensive review along with your affiliate link. 

5. Find Complementary Websites

Look for websites that can complement your products without being your direct competition. These can be a perfect cross promotion opportunity, where they can join your program and boost their own sales. 

6. Offer Attractive Commissions

Generous commissions can be highly motivating for affiliates. However, the commission percentage must make sense for the brand and not cut too much into the margins. Do an analysis of the competition and see what they’re paying to get an idea of the baseline commission percentage. 

7. Create VIP Conditions for High Performers

If you want to drive sales, you want to encourage high performance, so your best performing affiliates need to know there is something to work for. This could be performance bonuses or higher commission rates, whatever your margins allow for. 

8. Increase Your Program Visibility

One of the best ways for how to recruit affiliates is to ensure that more people are seeing it. You should have a link to your program on your website and on your email newsletters. Affiliates will typically look on the website footer to find a link to the program information and sign up pages. 

9. Network With Affiliate Communities

Finally, you can join some affiliate communities and start networking. There are potential affiliates in forums, but you will need to develop a relationship. Write tips, tricks and advice that can help them solve a problem and you will indirectly be promoting your affiliate program. 

If you’re struggling with your affiliate recruitment, the Bearcat Media team is ready to help. We’re an affiliate management agency offering full affiliate recruitment services, so get in contact today. 

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