affiliate recruitment and activation

Affiliate Recruitment & Activation

The critical ingredient for a successful affiliate program is to have a large based of value add, relevant affiliate who can drive quality traffic. The challenge is finding those affiliates; recruiting requires more than offering competitive payouts. It can be a highly time-consuming process, including:

  • Identification of high potential prospects
  • Categorization and prioritizing of prospects
  • Creation of effective messaging
  • Initial outreach
  • Follow up
  • Commission and placement negotiations.
The Bearcat Media team compile targeted databases for each client. Our prospecting lists are based on targeting active affiliates operating in related niches. This data will be highly valued for your business and your affiliate program.

Personal Contact: Once we have compiled a targeted recruitment list, the Bearcat Media team will contact each potential affiliate prospect with a well written recruitment email. We can complete this from an email address at our agency domain or from a dedicated email account from your company. We approach affiliates in an engaging, friendly way to encourage sign up for your affiliate program.

This provides an effective strategy for affiliate recruitment that can result in a significant percentage signing up for our client’s affiliate programs.
There are people searching to join various affiliate programs, and we can access these potential affiliates with search engine advertising. This allows us to use keyword phrases to find bloggers, web publishers, and affiliates that are actively looking to join an affiliate program.
We can also help you to harness the potential of social media running targeted ads to the fans and followers of affiliate marketing companies and networks. We can make contact to encourage these interested parties to join the affiliate programs of our clients.
Bearcat Media can also help you to tap into the major affiliate networks using our recruiting and email prospecting. This is a crucial way to grow the affiliate programs that we manage faster and broader than many other affiliate agencies. We can help you to make contact with new affiliate partners to build personal relationships. This provides a very effective process to not only recruit affiliates but get them up and running as quickly as possible.

These are just some of the affiliate recruitment and activation techniques and strategies that we use to build the most productive affiliate programs for our clients. Whether you want to launch a new affiliate program or increase the number of relevant affiliates in your current program, let us know, and the Bearcat Media team can provide a proposal for our affiliate recruitment and activation services.

If you would like to know more about our affiliate recruitment and activation services, be sure to contact us. A member of the Bearcat Media team would be delighted to discuss your requirements and formulate an effective strategy tailored to the unique characteristics of your program.


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