How to Select the Best Affiliate Network/Software

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Once you have the affiliate recruiting strategies and budgets worked out for your program, you will need to think about the best affiliate networks and affiliate software. 

This is essentially where you will build your program and where it will live. There is a wide variety of platform options that already have affiliate networks, or you can choose a third-party affiliate tracking software that charges a flat fee, but you will need to bring in the affiliates. 

Each program has different strengths, and different fees, so you will need to consider what affiliates you will work with, your budget, and other factors. Here we will delve into this topic in more detail to help you to select the best affiliate network for your program. 

Attribution Capabilities:

There are two main attribution capabilities to look for in affiliate networks. Multi-channel attribution measures the effectiveness of individual marketing channels to drive conversion. Omnichannel attribution measures customer engagement. 

While the terms are often used interchangeably, it is important to assess the network’s capabilities to ensure that they match the requirements of your strategies.

Publisher Opportunities: 

Publishers including websites, blogs, social media channels, and even browser add ons can drive traffic. So, it is crucial that the affiliate software or network you select provides the publisher opportunities you need for your affiliate recruiting strategy. 

So, if you plan to rely heavily on influencers, you need to ensure that your network has a full complement of publisher opportunities. 

Cross Device Opportunities:

Cross device tracking allows you to gather all clicks and impressions for every device a customer uses in a single transaction. Customers today can use multiple devices from computers to smartphones and tablets. So, you may appreciate the opportunity to monitor which devices are attributed to the sale. This will allow affiliates to get credit even if the sale does not occur on an originating device. 

Program Cleanliness: 

Affiliate marketing relies on relationships between your program and your affiliates. So, it is important that your affiliates have trust in the transparency of your network. Many experienced affiliates may be reluctant to join a program where there is biased data that may reduce their commissions. 

It is also crucial that you are confident that the network has compliance measures in place to ensure the cleanliness of your program. 

Maximum Efficiencies:

You may also appreciate networks that offer efficiencies, where you can automate and customize to minimize your workload and ensure that your program runs smoothly. 

Commission Structures: 

Does the platform have flexible commission structures? Are there options to group or tag different affiliates? These tools will help you to efficiently manage your affiliate network. 

API Integrations:

Finally, does the network offer connectivity to automate processes with your data suite? API integration can enhance data sharing, for more accurate analysis. 

If you are struggling with choosing the best affiliate software for your program, be sure to speak to us. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements and help you with your affiliate program management. 

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