Recruiting High-Quality Affiliates – A How-to-Guide

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One of the most daunting aspects of starting an affiliate program is the task of affiliate recruitment. If you don’t know how to recruit affiliates properly, you’ll struggle to scale your affiliate program, no matter what products/services you sell. So, here’s your how-to-guide to recruiting affiliates. 

Look at Affiliate Program Management Services

Many agencies offer affiliate recruitment services that can be a great option for brands that want to get started or take their affiliate program to a new level. This means that you can leave the affiliate recruitment to the agency, while you concentrate on managing the channel strategies. 

Reach Out to Your Customers

Customers can be your best brand advocates, as they already enjoy your products. So, why not reach out to your customers and offer incentives for recommending your products to their family and friends. 

Invest in Affiliate Recruiting Software

Recruiting affiliates can be a time consuming process and also a manual process. There are SaaS products (Software as a Service) that can help in gathering affiliates. It can be done based on keyword searches and your competitors affiliates. We only named a couple ways because we can go on all day about this. There are two companies that can help with this: Publisher Discovery and Grovia.

Connect with Influencers

One of the first things an affiliate recruitment agency will do is look for influencers in your niche or with a similar target audience. These people have popularity or expertise along with a strong following. This can allow you to access a large audience who are already receptive to your type of product. 

Check Out Niche Blogs

Bloggers can also be a great source for your affiliate recruitment. Bloggers tend to be passionate about the niche, so they can help you to connect with potential customers. You can connect with the blogger using their contact page and send them a message detailing what you can offer. Popular bloggers are likely to be familiar with working with affiliate programs, so ensure you offer something that will catch their attention. 

Join Online Communities

There are active groups and forums that can be a great source of affiliates. If there is a group in your niches, you can promote your products or offer the group owner access to your affiliate program.

This approach also applies to niche forums where you may attract both buyers and sellers. 

Check Out Coupon Sites

Coupon sites are still remarkably popular with consumers and you can harness this popularity for your product. Contact the coupon site to discuss how your brand can feature on the site. Just bear in mind that the coupon site is an affiliate, so you will also need to offer a customer discount if you want serious traction. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your affiliate recruitment and how to recruit affiliates, contact us. We offer affiliate recruitment services and would be delighted to help. 

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