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Influencer Recruitment & Activation

With the popularity of social media, influencer marketing has evolved to have a significant impact on brand awareness and messaging. With its reach through content websites and social channels, it makes an ideal strategy to use for affiliate marketing.

Bearcat Media has the experience and expertise to reach, engage, and convert social influencers. We have influencer partnerships to help increase consumer engagement and awareness while encouraging sales through your affiliate program.

If your business is not integrating influencers into your marketing strategies, you are leaving performance marketing opportunities for the competition. Integrating influencers into your affiliate marketing can help you to receive more traffic value and sales. Additionally, since it is based entirely on performance, you can reduce the costs of sponsorships, paid placements, and low ROI campaigns.

Developing Influencer Relationships:

One of the most difficult aspects of influencer recruitment and activation is developing relationships with influencers. Fortunately, Bearcat media can help you to identify the partners best suited to your brand. We analyze the performance of social influencers and content websites to help you develop long lasting, beneficial relationships.

How Long to Start Driving Sales

Social influencers are considered to be top of the funnel partners who drive brand awareness and get buyers further towards their buying decision and conversion. Generally, working with a social influencer is considered a long term strategy. There are many variables that can impact content creation and distribution, such as working your product into their content calendar, being inspired to write a post, or even seasonal relevance. This means that it takes the right approach, the right assets, and time to ensure engagement. However, once this occurs, the value of the brand exposure and product engagement is hard to miss.

How Our Influencer Recruitment & Activation Works

The success of an influencer marketing campaign is tied to making the right decisions. Here’s how we handle influencer recruitment and activation.

Goal Setting:

Working collaboratively with you, we will explore:

  • The primary objectives of your campaign
  • The desired influencer action
  • The metrics where the campaign performance can be measured

Matching Influencer Partnerships

During this phase, we can decide on the partnerships which best correspond to your campaign objectives.

We will discuss:

Working collaboratively with you, we will explore:

  • The platforms of focus
  • The optimal reach of influencers
  • Engagement rates

Identification and Scoring:

This stage is based on prospecting for influencers, analyzing the potential to determine the influencers that best correspond to your marketing campaign objectives.

Outreach and Onboarding:

Using various channels of communication, the Bearcat Media team will make contact with prospects, working to bring them on board your campaign. At this stage, we can also actively use our existing relationships.


An inactive influencer has no real differences compared to a prospect. So, at this stage, the Bearcat Media team aims to empower and encourage your onboarded influencers to become active, based on what has been defined as “activation” in our discussions.


This is an often-overlooked step in influencer marketing campaigns, but collaboration with your influencers will help to create the optimal brand message. We will also work to help you reinforce the influencer’s efforts.


Finally, we will measure the output of your influencer marketing campaign based on your originally set objectives. We will perform an analysis of the key performance indicators to assess the campaign performance before providing you with feedback.


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